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Oct 26

If you could have any food right now, what would it be?

  1. sigosiendohormiga answered: Pie… just out of the oven, with some vanilla/honey tea
  2. foreverisnotsolong said: Bread*topped with avocado! Now I said it correctly! hah
  3. foreverisnotsolong answered: Breed topped with avocado!
  4. chiquorinha said: Guacamole and a large bag of salty tortilla chips
  5. jennaysayss reblogged this from sarahsaysbegood and added:
    FRIES, pizza, hot wings, some type of sea food. and some fettuccine alfredo.. and some chicken soup and broccoli soup....
  6. revelations68 answered: Mushroom spaghetti. Favourite food of all time.
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